I'm Ravideep Kaur.

I'm a presence-led coach and anti-racism consultant & educator.

I am incredibly passionate about owning and representing the wholeness of who we really are.

For me, recognising and then letting go of the deep social conditioning that no longer serves us is the key to moving forth. This allows us to begin to build and embody a sense of self-trust towards our goal of collective healing.

All my work is underpinned by mindfulness practices and principles because I truly believe that presence allows us to access a conscious power that resides within us all.

My hope in these challenging times is to bring people in, regardless of where they may be in their own personal journey.

I can support you, as an individual or an organisation to develop an intentional anti-racism practice and for those of us from marginalised identities I can support you to build freedom and liberation from internal and external oppression.

But stripping this all back, I position myself as both teacher and student simultaneously, as I am also on my own continual spiritual path of discovery, unlearning and healing.
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Ravideep Kaur

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