For individuals, groups and businesses

I specialise in working with individuals, groups and businesses who are looking for a non-judgemental approach. 

I provide:

  • group workshops and training, both online and in-person.
  • consulting for business owners
  • coaching sessions for business owners and individuals

I'm based in Dundee, Scotland and can travel for in-person events.

My hope through these challenging times is to continue to bring folk in, regardless of where you may be in their anti-racism journey, and to support you to develop an intentional anti-racism practice.

I use mindfulness techniques and meditations to cultivate awareness in the first instance, and disruption in the next.

This automatically leads into action, which is where we are all striving to be.

Please get in touch to find out how we can work together.

What people are saying...

"Ravideep has an ability to get to the uncomfortable depths of a question whilst ensuring all on the workshop feel open to learning more and more.

Since the workshop, I've been able to begin to unpick the privilege I carry in my work. I can do this whilst also grounding myself and taking time to process my emotions. Ravideep taught me that I can work to become anti-racist and still be grounded.

The biggest positive change is that I'm now able to control my instinctual emotional reaction in situations, where I would previously have been led my anger.

If you are thinking about hiring or working with Ravideep, I must say you should reach out to her. Her workshop will be one the Doulas I train will be required to take every year."

- Jen Muir, Founder of Badass Birth

"Before our workshop with Ravideep I thought I was 'ticking all of the ally boxes'. But that was just it - that’s all I was doing. I wasn’t truly present in my allyship, and I’m so grateful to Ravideep for revealing that.

The workshop was intense, but thoughtful and calm which allowed for some truly deep work to be done. I’ve since taken the time to look at how I go about my anti racism and have changed a lot. I am mindful now to not be doing it for the wrong reasons, without having to lose myself in my guilt.

I am truly blessed to have been able to be a part of such an important workshop and could not recommend Ravideep’s work and presence more."

- Kimberley Connor, Workshop Participant

"Before beginning Ravideep’s workshop, I felt particularly nervous as I haven’t taken such a deep, intentional look into anti-racism and my own privilege in such a way before and I was worried about what I could potentially realise if I had been doing something wrong up to now.

After completing the workshop, I have been able to see white privilege and the power of whiteness more clearly in day to day life, through social interactions, social media and general media.

The biggest positive change that I have noticed is that I feel more knowledgeable and confident in calling out friends and family members on their own biases and casual everyday racism, while being able to educate them more on why the things they say and/or the jokes that they make are wrong.

If you are thinking about hiring or working with Ravideep, you need to know that she is raw and brutal about the reality of racism and she does not hold back. It can be a lot to process and take on board, personally and professionally but she makes sure to take the time to check in throughout her workshop, and reminds you to take the time to reconnect with yourself and take a break if you need to collect yourself again before continuing.

My biggest takeaway from the workshop was that anti-racism work is constant, it never stops and requires you to use every single part of yourself."

- Hannah Roberston, Workshop Participant